Codementor updates
Codementor updates

Settings page sidebar adjustment





We've now placed the Mange My Account page under Settings, where you should be able to locate more quickly. .

A new tab will be opened when you click on Mange My Account. You'll be able to make adjustments to your account settings, personal info, and social accounts in this page.

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 11.24.49 AM.png

Android app v3.0.2





Resolved an issue with push notifications not being sent correctly.

Schedule session: longer duration options





When you choose an expected duration for scheduled sessions, you'll now have longer options: 1.5 hours & 2 hours.

Mobile app v3.0.0





  • [Android] Fixed an issue where the keyboard and text input field overlapped when typing messages in the chat window.
  • [iOS & Android] You're now able to access uploaded files from the app.

Calendar feed URL





If you use a third-party calendar, such as Google Calendar, you can subscribe to your scheduled sessions using your "calendar feed URL". You can now get your unique URL directly from your My Schedule page.

For more information, read the FAQ.

New session scheduling experience





With the new session schedule experience, it’s now easier and faster to schedule sessions according to your mentor’s availability!

Once a mentor sets up their availability, you’ll be shown times they’re available and can easily schedule the time most convenient for you. You’ll be asked to choose the session start time and estimated session length.

Schedule session final.png

We've also made changes to how a mentor suggests a session time to you. Once you accept a suggested time, you'll immediately see a confirmed scheduled session without additional confirmation from the mentor.

Confirming your timezone





To help prevent incorrect timezones, we'll now double-check whether your local time is the same as your timezone in Account Settings. If not, we'll ask if you want to update your timezone to your local timezone.

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 5.35.29 PM.png

Remove credit card





If you would like to remove your credit card, you can now do so from the Payment Method settings page. Please know that you'll be required to purchase credits or add another credit card before your next mentorship session or freelance job.

Better request form design for mobile





We've made our request forms much easier to use and fill out on mobile and tablet devices.

Request notes discontinued





We've discontinued support for request notes for new requests. You'll still be able to view existing request notes but will no longer be able to add new notes.